?&p=export&c=%2B30+days # +30 Days
	?&p=export&c=* # all
	?&p=export&s=coordinates # all with coordinates
	/?&p=export&s=co&c=LAT=52.2;LON=10.5;%2B190+Days # only around 150Km of coordinates
	/?&p=export&s=!co&NOCACHE=true&radius=90&c=LAT=52.25;LON=10.52;entry_type=lug # All LUGs around 90Km of coordinates
	?&p=export&s=SDF&c=Braun # print as SDF, the intern used and human readable text format
	?&p=export&s=CSV&c=Braun # print as CSV
	?&p=export&s=&c=Braun # print as HTML-Table
	?&p=export&c=pro=acc;pre=2016.2&s=SDF # print search (accept and 2016.2) as SDF
	?&p=export&c=pro=acc;pre=2016.2&s=CSV # print search (accept and 2016.2) as CSV
	?&p=export&c=pro=acc;pre=2016;cou=Schw # all accepted for presentation 2016 into SChWeiz

	pro == promise(ACC|MAY|INT)[/K]
	pre == presentation(string)
	cou == country(string)
	; == next KEY=VAL
	s == coordinates [/K] # can be shorten like: s=co
	s == csv [/K] # No tables only CSV
	(!)No spaces allowed
	For bulk data, create a CSV file (or an export.php from your DB) with following format in SDF, or CSV like Deno below:
# <- Comment: Full Template with hints in SDF:
#ENTRY_TYPE="(LUG|COORDINATION)"/K; ENTRY_OPTIONS="(Optional Functions for this Entry)"; name_organizer="(like: Max Müller)"/M; email_organizer="(email@domain.tld)"/M; fediverse="(http[s]://...)"; matrix="(http[s]://...)"; LAT="(50.12345  (must -90-90°))"/M; LON="(10.12345  (must -180-180°))"/M; country="(in wich country?)"/M; city="(name of the city?)"/M; presenter="(Who are the presenter?)"/M; presentation="(LPD.2023.1)"/M; location="(Location hint)"; link_presenter="(http[s]://www...)"/M; link_presentation="(http[s]://www...)"; link_navigation="(http[s]://www...)"; link_public_transport="(http[s]://www...)"; event_date="(2023-05-15)"/M; event_date_to="(2023-05-22)"; event_time_from_to="(1300-1900)"; remark="(Remarks ...)"; needs="(Orga, Helfer, Räume, Geld, PCs, ...)"; promise="(ACCEPT|MAYBE|INTEREST)"/K/M; extras="(LPD-BS Plakate (visual with search: Extras=(LPD-BS|Plakate))"; 
# One Line per Entry, empty fields can be leave, keywords must UPPERCHASE, column delimiter are '; ', /K == Keyword , /M == Mandatory
# As short template, copy lines and uncomment them if used and filled:
#ENTRY_TYPE="(LUG|COORDINATION)"/K; ENTRY_OPTIONS=""; name_organizer=""/M; email_organizer=""/M; fediverse=""; matrix=""; LAT=""/M; LON=""/M; country=""/M; city=""/M; presenter=""/M; presentation=""/M; location=""; link_presenter=""/M; link_presentation=""; link_navigation=""; link_public_transport=""; event_date=""/M; event_date_to=""; event_time_from_to=""; remark=""; needs=""; promise="(ACCEPT|MAYBE|INTEREST)"/K/M; extras=""; 
	And send us this Link to migrate your datas automaticly into our database. For this or questions, use the Contact.

CountryCityOrganizerEvent nameEvent DateRemarkResources still requiredStatus
Deutschland24223 Schwentinental OT RaisdorfComputer Club Klausdorf CCKLPD.2023.22023-11-18Vorbereitungen? Wir sind immer gut vorbereitet!!Noch mehr nette Besucher als im Mai...
DeutschlandBraunschweigBraunschweiger Linux-User-GroupLPD.2023.22023-11-15!Datum unter Vorbehalt!
DeutschlandItzehoeComputerclub Itzehoe e.V.LPD.2023.22023-11-18
DeutschlandNürnbergLinux User Group NürnbergLPD 2023.22023-11-18Wir sind bereit :-)
DeutschlandSaarbrückenLinux-Stammtisch SaarbrückenLPD.20232023-11-25Ende Offen
DeutschlandWormsHochschule Worms, Fachbereich Informatik, Free Software LabLPD.2023.22023-11-24Noch im Planungsstadium, Termin unter Vorbehalt
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